Sunday, February 5, 2012

Stamp Storage Method

Ok I do not if you are like me but do you have LOTS of clear or cling stamps and the method of storage just isn't working.  Well I like to browse Splitcoast Stampers forum for ideas.  This was posted and it looked like a workable method to store those clear or clings.  .  I am putting the link (source is mommamikki)  to the video that shows how to do this project.  I am not taking any credit for this, just  sharing what another creative person has passed on to us.

I am lucky that last summer I purchased the page protectors.  I use these for my classroom presentations and  have some I just did not need.   I have lots of big 3 ring binders that can be re-purposed as well.  This turns out to be one of those lucky to make projects for me--I already have what I need.

I put black lines on this so you could see that this page will hold one larger and two smaller stamps.  It is another way to use your sewing machine.  Just sew on the lines. You are creating a page that will have two sides.   I used a ruler to be sure they were straight.  Of course the top is already open.  You will need to use an Exacto knife to carefully cut a slit on both sides for the bottom to have an opening.  Do not cut through the paper.  Cut each side separately.  The video does a nice job of showing what to do and suggestions for organization--which we all know is an individual thing.

I sat this up so the flash would not glare so it has a little sag to it.  For the purpose of the picture I put three different Penny Black sets in the pockets.  The top two are slap sticks and may want to pocket them differently.  I am going to make a few more of these, get my stamps out of drawers and a try a better organization.
Hope this gives others some ideas for storage too.  It really is rather simple, just will take some time.  Have fun organizing.

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