Sunday, May 11, 2014

With Sympathy

 My inspiration for this card came from Darcie Bruno with a JustRite Tuesday Tutorial.


            Taylored Expressions: Care and Comfort
            JustRite Rose Garden Background
            Taylored Expressions Frame it up 3
            Versafine Black
Embossing powder  Black and Clear
Gelatos:  Blue set (Cotton Candy, Blueberry and Boysenberry)
Black : 16 inches but into two pieces 6 inches and 10 inches
            Baby Wipes
            Black cut to 5.5 x 8.5 (fold to form a 4.25 x 5.5 card base)
            White cut to 4 x 5.25

1.   Using the white paper and the Versamark pad stamp the background onto the paper
2.  Create a protective tent  from paper cut  7 inch or more by 4.  Cut a second piece 6 inches by 2.5. and attach the 7 inch paper at both ends lining one edge. 
3.  Place the stamped image into the protective tent so that 2.5 inch is exposed and the 1.5 portion covered.   Tilting this so the open edge is to the bottom apply the clear embossing powder.  Tap this to remove the excess powder and slide out of the paper tent
4.  Turn the card so the white is on the bottom.  Apply the black embossing powder to the rest of the card.  Heat set the embossing powder
5.  Using a baby wipe and your finger put one of the gelato color on the baby wipe and randomly apply to the embossed card.  Repeat with the other colors.
6.  Stamp the sentiment on the white tag. (optional is to add clear embossing powder to the sentiment and heat set.)  Lightly apply the cotton candy gelato to the tag.
7.  Place the 6 inch ribbon over the card where the black and clear meet.
8.  Attach the tag so that it is along the ribbon
9.  Using the 10 inch ribbon tie a bow and with a glue dot place sideways to align with the tag left edge.

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