Sunday, July 17, 2011

CHA off we go

Well I was going to try and put a post on today, but am getting ready to leave for Chicago early in the morning.  Doreen, Kathy, Judy and I are headed to the CHA Hobby and Trade Show.  I went last year with the Fond Memories team and it was a blast.  Think the first place  want to go is Spellbinders to see what else is available.  Have a long list of places to visit.  Doreen, Judy and I are signed up for a few classes and of course the make n takes.  We should come home with a ton of ideas and products on order.  Many of course will be show cased at the Fond Memories fall workshop in Sept.  If I can figure out how to do it I may try and share some pictures with everyone while I am gone of a project that we make at CHA.  Otherwise I hope to try and post a new card the end of the week.  Till then...

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  1. I'd be untruthful if I didn't say I was jealous, Mary Jo, but I do sooo hope you have even more fun than last year -- ENJOY every minute!!! I too cannot wait to see the rest of SBs new releases! ;~)


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